Connections for Classrooms


A recent review of the high school by a state accreditation team reported, “Ever increasing demands on the district’s technology infrastructure and hardware have placed student learning in a precarious position.”  The Morgan Education Foundation has voted to pursue an aggressive and ambitious fundraising effort to meet current and future technological needs within the school district.  The plan includes three phases over the next five years.

Phase One: Update stationary computer labs and personnel services.

The district has 14 computer labs with 420 workstations.  Many of those are too dated to repair making it more cost effective to replace.  Currently the district relies on inconsistent funds generated annually from local, state and national sources without a reliable rotation schedule to keep up to date.  Software licensing and upgrades as well as additional technology professionals are needed to keep students up to date.

Phase Two: Chromebook portable labs and software updates.

Each school is in desperate need for additional portable labs.  In these labs, 38 Chromebooks (much less expensive than full workstations) are stored and charged in movable carts to be escorted from one classroom to another freeing up workstations in the fixed labs.  The district currently has four labs.  The goal is to provide at least four more.

Phase Three: Maintenance and rotation of system components.

Organizing and maintaining district technology with hardware, software licensing and technology professionals is an ongoing challenge.  The district believes this schedule of maintenance and rotation can be accomplished by the end of the five year plan with your help.

An estimated $750,000 above the current district budget is needed to accomplish this goal over the next five years.  By combining state, district and individual funds in matching contributions, the goal becomes realistically attainable.  If generous members of the community could commit to a five year donation plan, awarding the district a total amount of $50,000-$75,000, the board and state would commit to the same amount of new funds and the goal could be reached.  Often the state provides additional funding when the district is willing to match a portion or equal amount of the grant.

How you can help.

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. For your convenience recurring payments can be made to make it more affordable. Even $100 per household would generate $30,000. For  individuals or businesses which are able, a generous financial commitment of $1,000 or $5,000 annually over next five years would jettison the plan forward.  For every $1,000, the district can purchase a new computer for one of the permanent labs as well as Chromebook for one of the portable labs.  Because the Morgan Education Foundation is a recognize non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) classification, all your donations are tax deductible.  Of course the foundation is appreciative of any donation scheduled for the technology program.